Art & Dance Therapy Workshop

14TH OCTOBER, 2019


Mental health is a pivotal part in an individual's life, just as significant as one's physical health.

Pragyata Foundation in collaboration with Happyness Peddler held an interactive session with the students of Maitreyi College, Delhi University on the importance of good mental health and alternative therapies besides the conventional ones.

The students shared their perspectives, what they go through in their daily lives and how difficult it gets to address issues revolving around Mental Health. It can be embarrassing for some to open up about mental health concerns due to the stigma attached with it in the society. Issues of lack of awareness of different mental disorders were addressed in the session. The clinical criteria of Depression and Anxiety were spoken about in detail and how one may spot the symptoms in themselves or those around. The importance of healthy support systems and availability of professionals in the field was discussed with utmost importance.

As UNESCO certified Expressive Arts-based therapists, Ms. Megha and Ms. Shipra introduced the students to the power of arts through an interactive and experiential session; how art is a source of personal expression and a cathartic outlet for emotions. The response of the students was overwhelming. They spoke about meditation, dancing, yoga, art, singing, writing, etc., as resources they use but never thought of as being therapeutic.

The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Poonam Sharma, teacher in DOE and Ms. Rinzing Bhutia, Income Tax Assistant Commissioner. Ms. Haritma Chopra, Principal - Maitreyi College and Ms. Mithila Baghai, NSS in-charge of the college praised the efforts put forward by Pragyata Foundation and Happyness Peddler.

The session ended with a high-on-energy and exciting drum circle where the girls created their own music through the different parts of their body. We were truly overwhelmed with how the session panned out and feel that more such discussions need to be done not just at a professional level but amongst the people we see everyday; our friends and family, in order to break the silence that surrounds such an importance issue.



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