“Why Compete? Competitions are a lot more than just winning great prizes and having fun. They allow participants to learn, certify their skills, compare their results, share their talents and moreover, help them throughout their life.”

Kleuren – Art Competition

Watch a child draw. See how he scrawls with abandon, jabs the felt tip at the paper, colours an eye so deeply that the pen drives a hole through the paper. Look as he concentrates on the action of the subject, strips out unnecessary detail and toys with scale. This is pure drawing, instinctive, expressive and truthful. Children’s drawings are interesting, especially to artists, because of their .........

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Technotrez – Computer Skills

It’s an undisputed scenario when one wants to list down the benefits of technology, and the list often goes never-ending. Also, technology is the future, and so are the children. Therefore, it’s vital to upkeep our youth about the advancements that take place all around us. Technology and design lessons allow students and teenagers to be creative while allowing them to develop new skills and grasp .....

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English Champs - English Language Competition

English Champs is organised annually to assess and impart proficiency in English language and communication. The tests for each level, although take into consideration the syllabus for each school year, they are not directly related to them. The content of the tests is designed to focus on communication and use of English language, rather than rote learning and correct grammar only. We focus on the ......

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Stylos - Handwriting Competition

Stylos is an endeavour to promote good handwriting skills. It is a written competition for those students who want to win prizes for their good handwriting skills or want to get assessed on the basis of their handwriting. A good handwriting can be a life time benefit for a child. Handwriting is a part of our daily lives, whether it is used to make a grocery list, writing a birthday card or noting a .....

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Oodle Doodlez – Logo Designing & Doodling

The name of the Competition sounds a little tricky but the competition is really an interesting one. Oodle Doodlez is a competition in which little and young artists from all over the country express their thoughts on the given theme in the form of doodling by engaging their thinking process. Usually a Doodling Competition sounds complete artwork, but Oodle Doodlez is not such. Our judgement criteria...

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Prism - Creative Writing Competition

Prism gives young people from diverse backgrounds a platform to express their views about the world and their dreams for the future. Participants demonstrate their ability to stimulate and provoke discussions about important issues like poverty, sustainable development, gender inequality, child labour and universal education in the form of articles, essays, ...

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At PRAGYATA FOUNDATION, we aim in providing opportunities for the students to

Realize their potential in different areas

Learn about and subsequently improve in areas they can do well throughout

Give them a chance to showcase their talents

Boost self-confidence, enhance abilities and improvise skills through competitive events

Perhaps, get rewarded for their outstanding performance

Awards and Recognition

The world revolves because the people living in it have incentives to play their roles. And it’s indeed a good way to develop instincts by rewarding talent. Hence, we identify the potential in young minds and appreciate them through awards that students most likely expect, and alongside help them develop.

Concluding an event, the final information about the winners is sent to their respective school(s) along with their gifts and awards. We remain in touch throughout the process. Individual participants winning an event/competition are informed individually. Also, the final list of winners is uploaded on our website and other platforms too.

Entering Competitions

If you are a School, College or any other Institution:

Schools/Colleges/Institutions interested in allowing their students to appear for our Competitions can drop a mail to us at Once we get your mail we will contact & assist you in registering with & appearing in Pragyata Foundation’s Competitions.

If you are a Student or any other Individual:

Pragyata Foundation accepts individual participation only for Oodle Doodlez and Prism. If you are interested in appearing for our other Competitions, you can contact your School/College/Institution and get it registered with us or you can even drop a mail to us with your School/College/Institution’s Name and Address at We will contact them as soon as we get your mail.

Kindly note:

·         Kleuren, English Champs and Stylos are open for students from Class 1-10.

·         Technotrez is open for students from Class 3-10.

·         Oodle Doodlez and Prism are open for School Students, College Students and above. Only these two competitions accept individual participation. Entries for Oodle Doodlez and Prism can either be           submitted online or can be couriered.  


To enter into any of our events or to find out more information, kindly contact: at our Competitions Department.

Tel: 0124- 2357111

Mob: 9968949814

We look forward towards seeing you at one of our events in the near future!


Pragyata Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Organisation which has been conducting activities for the security of human rights...

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