Registered under Indian Trust Act, 1882 vide registration No.-18387

Constituted on : 28/10/2015

Niti Aayog Unique ID : HR/2018/00187393

12AA Registration No. : CIT EXEMPTIONS CHANDIGARH/12AA/2019-20/A/10010




⇒ Mamta Yadav : Chairperson     ⇒ Ajeet Yadav: President     ⇒ Naveen Kumar: Vice President     ⇒ Dr. Sandeep Kumar: Secretory     ⇒ Ankit Sharma: Jt. Secretory     ⇒ Vivek Chaudhary: Treasurer     ⇒ Madan Gopal: Member

Talking a lot about the development of our Nation helps, making policies for the advancement does supplement our goals but what matters the most is the actual implementation of those ideologies.

Poverty is the major issue in today’s society. Most of the problems faced by the weak sections of the society are because of poverty. It is a heterogeneous mixture of illiteracy, unemployment, discrimination, unawareness, malnutrition etc. We know that all of us don’t come blessed with same facilities, values and families. But each one has at least one unique talent which if identified and utilised wisely can contribute towards the betterment of the society. People call us philanthropists because we work towards the betterment of the community and identify such talents to make this world a better place to live in. School is one of the most important needs for our children. But in India, most of the children lack education. Only 10% of Indian children complete college. Even out of those 10% not all contribute at least something towards the society. Imagine India with all children educated!

Pragyata Foundation selflessly aims to empower people with the weapon of education, soft skills, women empowerment, education, security of human rights, awareness programs and many more so that they can destroy all the barriers they have to live a good life. We work towards the promotion of various programs which benefit the society.

Many workshops, drills and programs are conducted free of cost wherein the necessities are provided along with experts who can truly bring about a change when they gather on a single platform. These are also categorised under various projects.

We believe that solving one of the social evils will not make a big change to the society we live in, as there are many more which disrupt ordinary lives. Thus, we focus on a large scale over a lot of aspects so as to fight out as many problems simultaneously and put in our full efforts.

We have a mission of converting our motherland to a nation where there is no injustice, equality for all, better opportunities and make it a better place to live in peace and harmony.  Our mission is to go beyond the millennium development goals and work on our plans to develop important values among the citizens of the country. We also aim to promote and secure the basic human rights of every citizen by providing them with as extended support as we can, so that India emerges as the leading nation in the world in every respect. We want to impact the lives of those who are not equally blessed by providing them with equal opportunities and facilities. The Projects which we have ourselves involved in are not just Projects. They tend to make changes in the lives of people. They help us to eradicate illiteracy, malnutrition, all types of discriminations etc. In addition to the security of the Human Rights, our mission is also to promote environment welfare. We know that by planting few trees or by protecting few animals, we cannot bring about a big change. So we aware people about such things because if all come on a single platform then it could really make a difference. 

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Pragyata Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Organisation which has been conducting activities for the security of human rights...

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