Project Agaaz- An Educational campaign

“Education is power, learning today… leading tomorrow”

Everyone in this world has the right to education, ultimately the right to life; however circumstances may not be equal for all. We all say that no one comes down with qualities and abilities, however, we do neglect the fact that we have our own luck in forms of a family and the society we’re born in, which is behind all qualities that prosper in us. If some such people are not blessed enough to be in a developing surrounding, we believe in providing them the same, so that they may get the privilege to attend school and turn out to be global citizens, no matter what their life gave them. 

Project Agaaz is our first step towards a better world. The plan gaining popularity day by day will finally come to a point where we can boast about our contribution in the success of the millennium development goals, in the entire world. At Agaaz, we don’t just aim in providing education. We also provide stationary materials and reference books & sources to those who may not be able to afford it. Children at Agaaz enjoy their classes and willingly take interest in them. Most of the children at Agaaz are from families which cannot afford them a good school or it is a place where dropping out from school to earn for the family is common. Over there, either education is not a priority or they can’t afford education. Our focus over there is mainly to make learning a joyous, continuous, free of cost and voluntary experience so that the children discover their talents and identify their true potential to step into their future with confidential knowledge. Wholeheartedly presenting before you something that will soon revolutionize the concept of education and literacy; Agaaz… The beginning of a new Era!

Key activities include: 

  • Conducting free-of-cost regular classes for underprivleged children to impart literacy in them 
  • Free English and Computer classes
  • Free annual summer camp
  • Extracurricular activities such as personality development, time management and life skills, IT, spoken english, debating and literary skills, art & craft etc.
  • Stationary, notebooks and books distribution 
  • Festive celebrations and events 
  • Enrolling education-deprived children into schools with their expenses covered and their documentations completed 

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