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“Being aware of your rights is probably the most important thing.”

Social awareness is generally defined in two ways. The first indicates that social awareness is the knowledge of what is socially acceptable and acting accordingly, while the second states that social awareness means being aware of different problems in society, and confronting them. Most of the illiteracy and crimes in our nation are because of people being unaware of certain things. Government advertisements regarding certain laws and policies for the welfare of the people are not able to reach all sections of the society. Thus, the unreachable sectors remain unaware of their rights and duties. Practices such as child marriages and gender inequality still exist because people are not aware of laws. People in such areas have been found to be prone to diseases very easily. This is also just because of people being unaware. Knowing more about social issues makes us more responsible and enables us to take efficient actions in favour of the society. For example, if more children are taught about the ill effects of Global Warming, they will be more responsible with fuel. Thus Project Jagriti was launched to raise awareness among people of all age groups.

This project is set apart because it aims to create awareness about every field that affects the life of an individual along with garments distribution, food distribution, free meals, donating furniture, utensils, woollens’ distribution, recollection and service, and other activities. It has been conducting workshops, sessions, conferences, surveys, camps, drives, street plays and awareness campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of a diverse range of issues ranging from education, healthcare and hygiene, women and child rights, environmental awareness, human rights, women empowerment to the ones like emotional intelligence, cleanliness, menstrual hygiene, yoga etc. For women, training sessions and workshops on life skills, capacity building, self-defence along with counselling sessions and vocational training are also conducted. They are also assisted and encouraged in the formation of their own self-help groups and co-operative societies.

Project Jagriti is being carried on successfully and is continuing to work for the development and advancement of the country so that the citizens of our country become “Jagruk Nagriks” of the Nation.

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