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Project Agaaz- An Educational campaign


“Education is power, learning today, leading tomorrow.” Everyone in this world has the right to education, ultimately the right to life; however circumstances may not be equal for all. We all say that no one comes down with qualities and abilities however, we do neglect the fact that we have our own luck in forms of a family and the society we’re born in, which is behind all qualities that prosper in...

Project Lakshay – Competitions and Olympiads


"Excitement is impossible where there's no competition!” We believe that competitions play a major role in motivating students to perform, excel and offer a lot more reward than just the winning prize. Competitions offer a chance for participants to gain substantial experience, showcase skills, analyse and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude. Competitions also encourage students to adopt.....

Project Jagriti – Mission Awareness ...


Social awareness is generally defined in two ways. The first indicates that social awareness is the knowledge of what is socially acceptable and acting accordingly, while the second states that social awareness means being aware of different problems in society, and confronting them. Most of the illiteracy and crimes in our nation are because of people being unaware of certain things...

Project Vidya- Getting people a sustainable living


Project Vidya aims to facilitate women and youth empowerment through teaching skills for having a sustainable livelihood...

Say Yes To Healthy Mind - Mental Health Awareness


Mental health can simply be defined as the state of well-being in which the individual realizes his/her abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and can make a contribution to his/her community. What do we do when some individuals in our society encounter seemingly invincible obstacles towards realizing ...

COVID-19 Relief - Combating the pandemic


In the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, people all over the country have been massively affected in different ways (financially, mentally, physically). The worst hit have been the ones who were already in need even before the pandemic struck. Another huge section has been mentally affected and mental health problems such as depression, anxiety etc. have come across as rising...


Pragyata Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Organisation which has been conducting activities for the security of human rights...

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